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Research article Codes
[12] Kumar, A., Gaurav, K*, Singh, A., & Yassen, Z.M*. (2024). Assessment of machine learning models to predict daily streamflow in a semiarid river catchment, Neural Computing and Applications. To be uploaded soon
[11] Bhadani, V.*, Singh, A.*, Kumar V., & Gaurav, K. (2024). Nature-inspired optimal tuning of input membership functions of fuzzy inference system for groundwater level prediction, Environmental Modelling & Software, 105995 (*Equal contribution first author). To be uploaded soon
[10] Singh, A., Mousavi, SHS. & Nagar, J. (2024). F-TLBO-ID: Fuzzy Fed Teaching Learning Based Optimisation Algorithm to Predict the Number of k-barriers for Intrusion Detection, Applied Soft Computing, 111163. To be uploaded soon
[9] Singh, A., Patel, S., Bhadani, V., Kumar V., & Gaurav, K. (2024). AutoML-GWL: Automated machine learning model for the prediction of groundwater level, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 107405. To be uploaded soon
[8] Singh, A., Nagar, J., Amutha, J., & Sharma, S. (2023). P2CA-GAM-ID: Coupling of Probabilistic Principal Components Analysis with Generalised Additive Model to predict the k-barriers for Intrusion Detection, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 107137. Download (MATLAB code)
[7] Nagar, J., Chaturvedi, S. K., Soh, S., & Singh, A. (2023). A machine learning approach to predict the k-coverage probability of wireless multihop networks considering boundary and shadowing effects, Expert Systems with Applications, 226, 120160. Download (MATLAB code)
[6] Singh, A., Amutha, J., Nagar, J., & Sharma, S. (2023). A deep learning approach to predict the number of k-barriers for intrusion detection over a circular region using wireless sensor networks, Expert Systems with Applications, 118588. Download (MATLAB code)
[5] Singh, A., Niranjannaik, M., Kumar, S., & Gaurav, K. (2022). Comparison of Different Dielectric Models to Estimate Penetration Depth of L-and S-Band SAR Signals into the Ground Surface, Geographies, 2(4), 734-742. Download (MATLAB code)
[4] Singh, A., Nagar, J., Sharma, S., & Kotiyal, V. (2021). A Gaussian process regression approach to predict the k-barrier coverage probability for intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks, Expert Systems with Applications, 172, 114603. Download (MATLAB code)
[3] Kotiyal, V.*, Singh, A.*, Sharma, S.*, Nagar, J.*, & Lee, C. C*. (2021). ECS-NL: An enhanced cuckoo search algorithm for node localisation in wireless sensor networks, Sensors, 21(11), 3576 (*Equal contribution first author). Download (Python code)
[2] Singh, A., Kotiyal, V., Sharma, S., Nagar, J., & Lee, C. C. (2020). A machine learning approach to predict the average localization error with applications to wireless sensor networks, IEEE Access, 8, 208253-208263. Download (MATLAB code)
[1] Singh, A., Sharma, M., Kumar, R., Singh, S. P., & Madhesiya, J. R. (2019). Modelling and analysis of polarization noise in vertical cavity surface emitting LASERs, Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Modeling, Experiments and Design, 2, 151-157. Download (MATLAB code)
1. If the datasets are not available with the codes, it indicates that we are either not authorised to share the data or bound by restrictions imposed by the funding agency.
2. If you are using the code, please cite/refer to the primary paper.

Utility codes Codes
[1] Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on images in MATLAB (Graphical User Interface) Download (MATLAB code)
[2] Frequency domain highpass filtering on images (2-D domain) Download (MATLAB code)
[3] Frequency domain lowpass filtering on images (2-D domain) Download (MATLAB code)
[4] Verifying convolution theorem in image processing (2-D) Download (MATLAB code)
[5] Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on LANDSAT-8 imagery Download (MATLAB code)
[6] Atmospheric correction of LANDSAT 7 images in MATLAB Download (MATLAB code)
[7] Real Time Object Detection using Deep Learning Download (MATLAB code)
[8] Linear Regression plot with Confidence Intervals in MATLAB Download (MATLAB code)
[9] CDF matching bias correction method in MATLAB Download (MATLAB code)
[10] Sentinel 1A image reading and displaying in MATLAB Download (MATLAB code)
[11] Time Division Multiplexing of four signals using simulink Download (MATLAB code)
[12] 3D plot of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data containing all information Download (MATLAB code)
[13] Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem Download (MATLAB code)
[14] Daily data to monthly average/sum in MATLAB Download (MATLAB code)
[15] OTSU Method for thresholding from gray level histograms Download (MATLAB code)
[16] Image Aggregation of the Sentinel 1A images in MATLAB Download (MATLAB code)